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Magdalena's Brown Bag EP

The whole EP from beginning to end as it is intended. 

Tangerine Party

Magdalena's Brown Bag

The Beginning


In July 11th 1997 A Flock of Seagulls played a free concert at Island Park in Dayton, OH. While this may have been insignificant for many, for me it was the first of many concerts and one that will always be remembered. It was that summer Sunday night that I decided that I wanted to play guitar.

By my birthday that November I was gifted a guitar, one that I longed for, for months, and subsequently started guitar lessons at Dayton Band. While the bandstand at Island Park no longer exists nor the music store Dayton Band, my love for music, writing and making music has never been stronger. I played guitar in the Jazz Band in Highschool and for the 2002 high school talent show I performed an all original song which I had been very proud of and had destroyed the eardrums of everyone in the front row. I also really enjoyed playing other peoples’ music, in The Crocodiles, one night a week we covered songs such as Don’t Fear the Reaper and Mary Jane’s Last Dance at a Bar in Union called Trish’s Cafe. In 2003 The Reality Group, which me and some high school friends formed we wrote, recorded and played all original music.

After The Reality Group, I started playing solo shows. I believe it was 2005 when I played my first solo show at The Nite Owl, in Downtown Dayton. 

 A year later I would form The Allegros with a cellist from the Dayton Philharmonic. As a duo we performed at Tumbleweed Connection, Pacchia, The Pearl, Therapy Cafe, Jimmies Cornerstone, Walnut Hills and other places I can’t remember. We had really started to get a following in Dayton and then Peter would be called to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to play cello. Although this was a no brainer decision, it left me not knowing what to do next.  

Back at it

 I released a full length album in 2010 and then another almost 9 years later. The album I released in February 2019 was an all psychedelic rock concept album entitle The Fantastical Menagerie of Mr. Winslow. Which I was very proud of at the time, but was definitely rushed and not produced with much quality at all.  

 In October 2019 I released a 5 song EP that really was my magnum opus. I decided to release this self-titled EP under the of Magdalena’s Brown Bag, for better or worse. 


Here We Are

 As of now I am arranging a mixture of material from The Fantastical Menagerie of Mr. Winslow and Magdalena’s Brown Bag to perform live.